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photo of Jennifer Lyon Bell

Jennifer Lyon Bell

Forever wishing that all movies had longer and better sex scenes, Harvard graduate Jennifer Lyon Bell decided to take matters in her own hands. With Blue Artichoke Films (Amsterdam), she mixes arthouse cinema with hot explicit sex to create erotic fiction films and documentaries that illuminate the riveting, intimate, and sometimes delightfully awkward side of sex. Her award-winning films screen at international festivals, cinemas, and museums in America, Europe, Japan, and South America, attracting prizes from both mainstream arthouse film festivals and adult film festivals. The unique realism of her films has led her to be invited to show them at conferences and panels in sexology, feminism, and documentary filmmaking. Her trilogy Silver Shoes was shortlisted for the Netherlands Scientific Institute of Sexologists’ “Sex And Media Prize” -- the only erotic film to ever be nominated. And her short film Headshot recently screened on primetime television for half a million viewers. Second Date is her first VR film, produced in collaboration with VR pioneers Condition One in San Francisco. Her newest film Adorn is currently premiering at festivals in New York, Barcelona, Vienna, and more. In addition to filmmaking, Jennifer curates erotic-themed film programs and exhibitions for museums, arts institutions, and festivals including one of the longest running exhibitions ever at The Museum of Sex/New York (MOSEX). She was a co-director of Amsterdam’s own Rated X Amsterdam Alternative Erotica Film Festival, and a consultant for the Dutch EYE FilmMuseum’s erotic archive. She enjoys writing and presenting on porn; she recently gave the closing keynote, “Empathy and Pornography,” at the first Sex And The Cinema film studies conference at the University of Kent and has written for the Porn Studies journal as well as various art publications. An innovator, she teaches at the Dutch Film Academy (AHK) in what may be the first ever erotic film workshop offered at a national film school. She was the alternative newspaper Amsterdam Weekly’s first and only sex columnist, “Ladywood”. Her current workshops include the fun and self-empowering creative workshop “From Fantasy To Film: Design Your Own Erotic Film” which she has taught in cities all over the world. Come visit at: https://blueartichokefilms.com Hear about our special events! https://blueartichokefilms.com/newsletter/