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photo of Jessa Jordan

Jessa Jordan

Jessa Jordan (noun) – A fearless, sarcastic, non-monogamous Black femme learning, living and loving in Philadelphia, PA, USA making ends meet as an independent erotic laborer, writer, educator, indie event coordinator and Reproductive Justice, Human Rights and Sex Worker’s Rights advocate. Best known for her viral photo and commentary from the photo project, Topless in New York, her role as Festival Director of Abortionpalooza, and her work with BIPOC Adult Industry Collective, Jessa has been known to drink the blood of misogynists and will punish anyone in the name of the Moon! As a writer, her style has been heavily influenced by the prose of Toni Morrison, Miranda July, Charles Bukowski, Anais Nin and Alex Elle. Tiny and powerful, Jessa swapped climbing trees in her youth for climbing poles in her 20’s and is usually found dancing to equal parts Kidneythieves and Jhené Aiko on any given night but especially at all In^ersions pole performance productions in Philadelphia and beyond! Published in the likes of Shout Your Abortion, HUSTLER Magazine, NASTY Vol. 2, and Subvrt Mag, she is now working on her first fiction novel, several short erotica stories, and the I've Got A Playlist For That podcast--a weekly comedic interview podcast.