SENSE : Our second issue explores physical and intellectual senses.


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Experience It

Experience It

Stoya's Letter

Our second issue explores physical and intellectual senses.


Writer Sydni Deveraux

Illustrator Kari Lilt

I'm nervous about releasing our sophomore effort into the world. The fact of having done something at all can still carry a first release. That effect wears off rapidly. We're still finding our footing and feeling out what direction is most appealing. What makes the most sense.

Sense being, of course, the theme of our second issue. 

The weather remains cold in New York. I’ve started switching from coffee, through tea, to hot cocoa as the day goes on. Any of the three keep me warm inside. The variety of tastes makes me think of my friend Heart, who I met through Tumblr. She came over one day and mentioned the concept of environmental enrichment—which seems to engage novelty.

Heart directly addresses synesthesia in Seeing Sex, while Sydni Devereaux—who you may remember from her SHOWGIRL gallery in the LIVE issue—writes about the phenomena from a musical angle.

Steve Prue and I listened to an internet radio turbofolk station on the way back from New Hampshire, where I had sex with Lance Hart. Why New Hampshire? In 2008’s New Hampshire v. Theriault a man’s prostitution charge was reversed because he was making a video. (Other charges, without cameras involved, remained.)

Ashley Fires joined Nica Noelle as a New Hampshire-based pornographer a few years ago, and it just made sense to head up for an Around the World in 80 Ways scene with Lance and a clothed cameo from Ashley.

Steve brings us candied cam girl Rose Isstar and a very special ASMR episode of Naked Stuff starring Apneatic.

I turned my own instax mini lens on Cupcake Du Jour for another Stoya’s Gaze gallery. Cupcake is small in stature and her tightly wired body is the legacy of a professional skating career. I adore her muscles, and was happy to have her in front of my camera.

Jessie Sage uses phone sex to talk about the difference between fantasy and enactment, and why we might want one without the other. Abella Danger establishes an audio CONNECTION with Natassia Dreams. Pin-up phenomenon Bettina May brings us an illustrated piece of erotic fiction from her recently released book 'Bohemia.'

We hope you like our second issue: SENSE.




Writer Sydni Deveraux

Illustrator Kari Lilt


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