UNICORN : Unicorns are elusive, and come in many forms.


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Experience It

Stoya's Letter

Unicorns are elusive, and come in many forms.


Writer Hexe

Illustrator Logan Spector

It all started with an essay in an anthology that I picked up in Baltimore at a bookstore called Red Emma’s. The anthology was Queering Anarchism. The very last essay—Anarchy, BDSM, and Consent-based Culture—mentioned unicorns briefly, and said some things about sex that I thought were very interesting. The mental image of Emma Goldman riding a unicorn makes me deeply happy.

Then there was James Darling’s Unicorn Gangbang, which I have known of and loved for years. Then… then! Katie Morgan heard about our Tales series and told Steve Ronin that she wanted to be a unicorn. Or be with a unicorn. Ideally both.

So here we are with a UNICORN issue.

Hexe, the author of that essay, agreed to let us license the work. James Darling gave us an interview and a gallery of stills from his Unicorn Gangbang scene. And April Would wrote us another Tales episode, featuring unicorns, tailored to Katie Morgan’s distinctive voice and personality.

We’ve got female gamer and cosplayer Maki Roll writing about what it’s like to be a different kind of unicorn in The Real Nerd Blues. We’ve got a Fyodor Pavlov paper doll inspired by Josephine Baker. We’ve got Cupcake DuJour with her stunningly muscled body returning to prance and dance in a Karolina Laskowska lingerie set with a corset and horn headdress made by me.

Allan Amato contributes a rope gallery of Wren Shibari and Nomar, accompanied by an essay from Wren herself.

Liana Finck made us some beautiful drawings of people in various sexual positions. I find the details quite compelling. And last, but certainly not least, we have cover models Olive TuPartie and Olivur from Haus of Olive in a sparkly, club-kid unicorn explosion that occurred in our bathtub.

I feel like this is a really good time to release some high-fantasy, and what’s more fantastical than unicorns, right? So let’s all engage in some escapism. Imagine ourselves in a dreamscape populated by badass babes dressed up as mythical creatures.

And speaking of badass babes, we have the full Bossladies photoset of equity holders Sweetpea, Sydni Deveraux, and I in our suits. So, you know, if you’re not into unicorns there’s still something for you. Syd and Sweetpea, along with Steve Ronin, recently became equity holders in the company.




Writer Hexe

Illustrator Logan Spector


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