WOMEN ON TOP : Women... feeling ourselves, fucking ourselves, and forging our own fantasies.


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Experience It

Experience It

Stoya's Letter

Women... feeling ourselves, fucking ourselves, and forging our own fantasies.



Between the incredible limitations on production during the COVID19 pandemic and the temporal pressure of bimonthly releases, we’ve taken to deciding our theme once we’ve seen what content we’ve been able to gather for the issue in question. I noticed, as I was preparing this issue for launch, that it was full of strong female performers.

Cover model Goddess Briq House brings us a brightly colored toes and shower video, and an essay on why and how she creates safer spaces for Black people. Mistress Ashley Paige does some sexy sploshing with a vulva cake, which can be viewed in still photography or video form. And Queen Pea puts Syd Deveraux and I through a unique workout—if “wisp of the clit” sparks your interest, you’re in the right place—and poses solo in a leather gallery photographed by Steve Ronin.

Contortionist Amanda Whip shares her story of being outed in a LOUDER essay, and poses with Sammy Landau’s textile illustrations of herself in another gallery photographed by Steve Ronin. There’s a pun in there.

Rachel Rabbit White shares a poem from her recent book Porn Carnival: The Paradise Edition. And we’ve got interviews and portfolio galleries from photographer Bettina May and artist Tom Tapit.

As the world opens back up—to varying degrees, at varying speeds—I’m looking forward to the ability to meet up with a local creator and hand them their check instead of relying on the United States Postal Service. I’m looking forward to seeing performing artists bloom with joy that they’re able to do their work for a live audience again. I’m looking forward to knowing that those who want to gather in community can do so.

Take care, with yourself and with others. Wishing you a great summer.





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