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Experience It

Stoya's Letter

That's a wrap, for now.


Writer Guy New York

Illustrator Sasha Martinez

This is the last issue for some time.

It feels odd to be ending something on the beginning of the year. This may turn out to be a pause, anyway, and we’re leaving the site open for a while regardless of whether we add new content. But this is the end of our attempt to create the regular releases necessary to justify recurring subscriptions, and without those we need a new business model.

The pandemic and climate change caused issues with video and photoset production. We were able to meet the schedule but not while associating to themes. The stress caused by both of these factors made writing and other creative work difficult. We began licensing existing video work.

I’m thrilled to feature Jet Setting Jasmine, by artist NixErotix, on our cover for this issue. There’s a full gallery inside. Her partner in Royal Fetish Films, King Noire, is in his own still gallery. And they contribute a hardcore BDSM video from Royal Fetish's library with Liv Revamped called Seen Not Heard (Breast Milk Cum Shot) which I am thrilled by the title of. It’s a great scene, and I find their tagging within the context of the kind of work they’re known for elegant.

You’ll see watermarks on their work. Our creator profiles seemed useful, and the ever changing nature of adult performers’ profiles and preferred links proved that incorrect. Watermarks seem like the best way to ensure interested viewers can find more of that artist.

In written pieces we have Guy New York’s final chapter of Bisexual Men Are More Likely To Be Murderers. He’s visited the Stoya’s Book Club event as an author, and writes beautiful, complex, and sometimes shocking work.

Poet Juno brings us their ode to bruising—a common side effect, or even aim, of BDSM—excerpted from House of Theodora’s sub / mission. And Syd, barely covered by an apron, teaches us the finer points of vegan nachos.

In a reversal of Connection’s first episode, I leave a voicemail for Mickey Mod. The series aims to explore long distance sex, which is something many more of us are directly familiar with after these past two years.

Ray Mwareya digs deep into the history of sexually transmittable infections, and the stigma around them, in an interview with professor, and author of Strange Bedfellows, Dr. Ina Park. And Remy Harper takes us on a tour of consent concepts with an uplifting end.

If you'd like to set your email permissions to allow it, we'll send out one solitary email when we know what our next steps are.

Thanks for a very interesting four years.




Writer Guy New York

Illustrator Sasha Martinez


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