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About ZeroSpaces

ZeroSpaces is a sexually explicit media project. We carefully handcraft a collection of videos, photos, articles and more into an Issue - much like magazines of yore. If a la carte is more your style, you can purchase videos and photosets individually.

Even in a pre-FOSTA world, there were very few places to publish the kind of work we were interested in creating and supporting. Major publications have only recently begun to change their style guidelines to allow for sex work to be referred to as such. Purveyors of traditional pornography usually want a steady stream of content that fulfills certain expectations—length of video, patterns of sexual interaction, etc.—that Stoya finds frequently unnecessary.

We saw a need for an online project that specializes in experimentation, that aims at the gap between “mainstream” and erotic or explicit material, and that fosters a connection to the people—the living, breathing humans—who create the work that is consumed.

So we’re filling that space. We're going back to the roots of the word pornography (writing about prostitutes) and transplanting it to the modern age (media about and involving sex workers).

We’re starting small, but we’ve got some lofty goals and some grand plans. However, Stoya prefers to keep things under wraps until they’re about to come to fruition out of some fear of jinxing them. She also knocks on wood and keeps holy water on her bookshelf.