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Contribute to ZeroSpaces

Want to contribute your artistic content to ZeroSpaces?

Here's some things we're always on the lookout for :

Quality Writing

Have a thought piece on something sexy, sex-worker related, or even just a well-researched piece you've done on a sexual topic you think our audience would find fascinating? Great! Maybe you did an interview with someone that you think the ZeroSpaces audience would love to read--we're open to that, too.

Gorgeous Photograpy

We love sets with narrative, and images that tell a story. A striptease, a lingerie editorial, a series of stunning nudes. Maybe your body of work is large enough for an introductory portfolio?


We adore having our essays and articles interpreted by illustrators. We also accept sets of suggestive drawings as galleries.

Video Content

If all of your paperwork is 100% valid, complete, legally verifiable, and conforms to USC 2257 guidelines then we are happy to take a look. It should go without saying that we refuse to entertain even the remote possibility of using any content that is in any way illegal, immoral, or lacking meticulous paperwork. We accept everything from educational talking-head videos through to traditional hardcore xxx scenes.

All creators must provide proof of legal adulthood. Ready to apply? Fill out our contribution form.